Task 2: Pegs!

A long while ago I started something another kink blogger called Marie Louise where we would set each other tasks to complete and when I stopped writing I also stopped that although we are still in touch and now that I am trying to restart writing on here she suggested we start the tasks up again.

Before I stopped writing I had actually completed the task just not written about it but rather than try and remember everything I felt while doing it I decided to redo the task so I could write with it fresh in my mind, I did that last night.

Part 1

As with the first task she set me the task was broken into several parts and I wasn’t allowed to look at the next part until I had completed the current one. This doesn’t work so well with me doing it a second time but I genuinely couldn’t remember all the steps so some of it was still a surprise.

In the previous task ML set me she had me watch a video of a girl using pegs tied to string to torture her nipples and I was to work out how to recreate this on myself. This wasn’t as difficult as I thought once I looked at the video properly.

Basically after applying a wooden clothes peg to each nipple (ouch! I’d rubbed them a bit first so they were stood out and each to apply the pegs to) I hung a length of string around my neck and then threaded one end through the spring of the left peg left-to-right and then through the right peg left-to-right, then I needed to do the reverse with the other end of the string. The result is that if the string ends were pulled it pull the pegs up and together which would twist and pull my nipples.

Part 2

I’d honestly forgotten that this was the next step, I had to remove those pegs, lie on my bed and apply forty clothes pegs to my body, yes 40!!

It is a lot of pegs and they hurt much more than I expected when applying them, they really pinch! I started off with the obvious, my boobs, and put eight on each. First four around each nipple and then four more in between them but further back, I knew I had to put one on each nipple to I put those aside for later.

I’ve seen videos of “zippers” before where they put the pegs in a sort of V where they go down your sides put also moving to the front towards your pussy, I managed seven on each side and they really pinched especially on my sides just under my boobs.

Next I placed two on each inner thigh, these were probably the worst up to that point, who knew your inner thighs were so sensitive?! To nobodies surprise thought the four I put on my pussy lips hurt far and away the most, after applying the first one the other three were even harder because I knew how much they hurt on such a sensitive area. The final two were just as bad when I applied them to my still hard nips.

Now that I was “pinned” I set a timer on my phone for 45 minutes and placed it next to me. The first five minutes were ok except for the fact that breathing made the pegs on my nipples wobble around and pull on my nipples a bit which was sore, other than that I kept pretty still and started to get used to the little pinches all over me.

After the five minutes was up I removed the first peg which was one from the top of my left boob. I was quite surprised actually that the pegs on my boobs nearer my body were the ones that were least painful although pulling it off without opening it did sting quite a bit.

I managed to pull of the first eight without opening them which earnt me an orgasm (yay!) but the ninth one which was one around my nipple really pinched coming off like that so the next six I opened to take off, this still really stung but I found it more manageable because I could do it a bit slower and breath through it. However the last one of those batch I did pull off because I felt like I was chickening out a bit, it hurt every bit as much as I expected!

At this point, half way through, the pegs were all starting to be really painful and it was quite hard to decide which should come off next. I ended up going for the ones down my sides and tried to be brave and pull them off without opening but only managed the first because fuck me that stung! I left my total at 11 and did the rest by opening them which was still really sore, I think I’d managed to put them on all of my most sensitive spots!

On a side note I really like the little marks the pegs left on my skin, especially as I’d put the pegs in a sort of pattern.

So that was thirty down and ten to go, unfortunately they were going to be the worst ten! I started with the ones on my thighs and once again tried to be brave, I managed to remove one from each thigh by pulling them straight off but they stung so much that I had to open the other two otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do it quick enough to keep up with the timer which kept the pressure on to keep removing pegs!

I did my nipples next which I pulled straight off, for some reason I can take the pain there easier even though they are more sensitive and they really pinched coming off the tips of my nips! The last four were my pussy ones, weirdly it felt like I could feel my pulse in my pussy lips, like they were throbbing. I’ve got to be honest I completely chickened out of even trying to pull those off and just opened them one by one which was really excruciating even that way. The feel as the blood rushes back in is so weird and painful but I have to admit I was pretty wet!

The last step in Part 2 was to attach the peg string arrangement! The idea I think is to pull the pegs off my nipples without touching them, so using only the string. My boobs are a lot bigger than the girl in the video and I actually found this easier to do than she did. By which I mean technically easier, by pulling both the ends of the string the pegs pulled together and pinged off one then the other nipple.

It was not easy to take though! I’d put the pegs on sticking straight out in front of me so when I pulled the string the pegs twisted inwards twisting my nipples at a ninety degree along with them and then they we’re pulled down basically giving me a severe nipple twisting and THEN the pegs pulled off pinching the (by now very sensitive) skin as they went. Suffice to say this was worse than any of the others and my nips really stung afterwards!

Part 3

So this is kind of complicated so you can read about it MLs blog here but the jist is that I earned one orgasm for every 8 pegs I pulled off without opening them but as I only pulled 15 off without opening them (like a wuss!) I only earned one orgasm for myself 😏

However Miss Marie Louse is more devious than that! Because I earned less than three orgasms I get an extra punishment because obvious getting less orgasms wasn’t enough for her! No instead I have to ruin an orgasm every day before I can have my single earned orgasm! Today was my first ruin which was wonderfully terribly frustrating and left me panting, wet and unsatisfied. This is going to be a frustrating week!

Part 4

Well I am technically jumping the gun a little with this report because after the eight ruined orgasm days I’m supposed to have all the many orgasms I earned in a row and if I manage to have them all I get to repeat them at my own leisure over the next couple of days.

However, last time I did the task I remember I now remember I earned a few orgasms, did them all back to back (leaving my pussy, and the rest of me, a wet sloppy mess!) and enjoyed the repeats immensely afterwards!

Part 5

In her first task ML had me get a box of binder clips and leave them on my desk to contemplate how they would feel attached to me. Honestly I can’t remember how much contemplating I did back then and when I moved back home they got shoved in a box and didn’t see the light of day for some time.

However just recently someone set me a task where I was required to attach one binder clip to each ear lobe and wow they hurt a lot! I can’t even begin to imagine how they would feel somewhere more sensitive and being pulled off without being opened, or rather I can and it terrifies me and maybe, just a little bit, makes me want to find out!

My turn! Task number 2 for ML

Step 1: Preparation

I want you to shower (ensuring you are clean inside and out 😉), shave (everywhere 😉) and then get dry. Put your hair up in a high pony tail then paint your nails, all ten of them, a nice bright red I think (if you have it). Put on make up, lots of make up like you are going out.

I’d like you to write the first part of your report at this point while it is fresh in your mind and detail in intimate detail your cleaning, shaving and “decorating” process.

Step 2: Dressing

Choose an outfit consisting of some tight pants, a thick jumper and some heels (probably a coat as well, it’s cold!), these will be your outer garments. For your inner items you will:

  1. Insert a medium sized butt plug
  2. Attach your clover clamps to your nipples and let the chain hang down
  3. Insert your lush vibrator

Once those fun items are in place you can put on your outer garments.

Step 3: A Walk

The next part is easy 😈, you will set the lush to a random repeating pattern that covers high (as in max) and low intensities and then you’ll go for a walk. I don’t mind where you walk or what you do but you’re not allowed to touch your phone or stop walking until the Lush runs out of battery.

Step 4: Going Home

Once the Lush has died you can make your way home. When you get there you will remove all of the clothes but leave the toys in place. Put a pillow on the floor and put your laptop in front of it when put your wand on the pillow and turn it on. Kneel either side of the pillow so the wand is under you and spread your legs until you’re almost touching it then lean forward onto your elbows and start typing.

You are to write your full report in this position but as you do you will push your clit onto the wand until you get close and then remove it just long enough to let the sensation fade and then push yourself into it again. You are to continue to edge like this until you complete your report.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Once your report it up to date with where you are in the task you will remove the nipple clamps, the plug and the Lush and then push your clit into the want until you cum.

Write up how it felt removing the items and cumming and then post your report and my next task 😘

Enjoy xx

Published by Laura

I have been "into" BDSM for a long time, ever since I became interested in sex of any kind in fact, but have very little actual experience. My only real experiences have been with light bondage and spanking, nothing like the things I fantasise about. To that end I have made an arrangement with a Dom who lives near the uni I am going to. I will visit him once of twice a month so that he can train me in various aspects of BDSM and being a submissive which I then intend to write about on my blog.

5 thoughts on “Task 2: Pegs!

  1. I love that the act of breathing made the pins sensitive on your nipples lol!
    I like how you wrote down what you felt/thought when you first pulled the first eight, then changed to taking them off because it was too painful (which kind of makes me happy) and that you then forced yourself back to pulling them off, which I’m glad you did (or tried to!)

    I’m really surprised at how intense the experience ended up being. Pleasantly surprised! I can really imagine how it went by the way you wrote it down.

    When you got to the pins on your vagina I was like… omg I cannot imagine trying to pull those off, she didn’t actually… no okay, good lol!
    Glad to read all of that aroused you.

    I’m also so pleased to read how the thing with the string worked out! Much better than I expected. I wasn’t sure if it would work.

    Re part 3: Wow, I was quite devious huh. Mastermind! What a great idea past me!

    Your task for me is so creative, I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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